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Crazy waking dreams

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OrangePeels Fri 25-Nov-16 19:56:56

For years now I have suffered from bizarre dreams and sleep walking. I will dream something then sort of sleep walk around the room. For example, I might dream I have lost something then I wake up and wander around the room for a few minutes looking for it before realising it was a dream.

It can be quite disturbing.

A few nights ago I dreamt I was looking after a baby and upon waking I was searching everywhere for the baby. All over the house. It was possibly the longest it had gone on for. I can't really judge time in that state but I had searched 5 rooms. Every drawer and cupboard for the baby. There was no baby and no reason there should be as I have a 7 yo dd, no plans or desire to have another, no friends or family with babies etc. I was absolutely distraught that I couldn't find the baby until I finally realised it was just a dream.

Another being that someone put dead flies in my bed. I couldn't sleep until I had checked every bit of my bed. I was convinced they were there. I turned in all the lights to search the bed.

I get up after a night like that completely exhausted. It's like I haven't slept. Unlike random dreams I remember the whole thing so i must be awake.

Am I completely insane? It happens for a period of a few months every few years.

I have nothing on my mind that I know of.

I need sleep.

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