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Anxiety, panic, what to do

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PleasantPheasant Mon 21-Nov-16 13:49:27

Currently at home out of mind with anxiety. About what? Nothing. I have a day off. Nothing is happening right now. I've been looking forward to this day and for what?
Things are getting worse and worse. I feel worse since being on medication. I've spoken to my manager and now feel like a bloody idiot. I can't take time off and at the same time cannot keep on. I was going to meet a friend and kind of relieved it's tipping it down and we postponed. I'm a fuck up.

AnxiousCarer Mon 21-Nov-16 21:35:09

flowers pheasant,

I'm off work with anxiety at the moment, I didn't think I could go off either, then I got to the point that my brain malfunctioned and I just couldn't do my job anymore and had to go off sick. Then I realised what a fool I was to have pushed myself to carry on so long! Where you work do you have an occupational health department, they maybe able to help e.g. with councelling or cbt, with much shorter waiting list than nhs. How long have you been on medication? It takes time to kick in and sometimes the first one isn't the one for you. I was on Flouxitine for the first 8 weeks and still working, I then went off sick and changed to Mirtazapine and feel much better, though still have some anxiety. Keep talking to your GP.

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