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How to find a counsellor

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fuckedupbigtime Mon 21-Nov-16 13:29:20

I have tried relate and marriage care but they both have waiting lists of 2 months. I can't go on pretending I'm happy til then and want to get started so we can either save our marriage or separate.

Does anyone know what to look for when using independent counsellors. To be honest I feel like I need some separate sessions as well as with dh.

Totallybonkersmum Tue 22-Nov-16 07:02:12

I know Relate train people and arenhighly selective in who they take on and train. They're finding that unfortunately when people are fully trained they tend to leave as they earn more.
I'd phone Relate and ask for the minimum professional qualifications and people who are actually registered within the body of professional counsellors. They'll point you in the right direction of what to look for and where to look as you do need someone who is qualified in these matters.
Good luck.

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