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Inpatient advice (for friend)

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pugsake Sun 20-Nov-16 18:55:20

I was wondering if any former inpatients or friends/family can give me any advice.

A women I was an inpatient with last year has been readmitted over the weekend. I only know vague details which obviously it's not my place to say what they are but I think she may be in a while.

She has a smartphone so I am going to direct her to Mumsnet (obviously)

Me and DH are visiting and I really don't have a clue what I could take in for her. When I was an impatient all I wanted was fags and junk food. She doesn't smoke and without detailing too much food would not be eaten.

Has anyone got any nice ideas? I'm a bit stumped she is mid forties she's been to her house to get essentials so I just need some token stuff she might like.

Thank you smile

gamerchick Sun 20-Nov-16 19:01:06

I get asked to take in magazines, puzzlebooks, the local newspaper. That amongst herbal teas, sweets/chocolate, pop.

Haribogirl Sun 20-Nov-16 19:14:10

I suppose it depends how bad she is, as to what she'd want.
When you think she'd have to be pretty bad again to be admitted.

When I had depression, I couldn't concentrate on anything, wasn't interested. Anxiety was that high I was even to scared to move of the sofa.
Food was a no go to.

Maybe just go to see her first, then you can judge it from there.

Hope she's ok

AnxiousCarer Mon 21-Nov-16 11:46:54

I think your visit will mean more to her than anything you take her, as PP said it will depend on how she is. Other ideas though would be books/audio books, music if she has something to play it on, zen colouring book and pens/pencils, nice toiletries(hospitals only suply basic soap), nice blanket/cushion, to make her bed/room more homely.

dangermouseisace Mon 21-Nov-16 14:36:57

I'd say colouring book/pens/pencils as it keeps your hands busy and means you are not just staring into space. Some hospitals won't allow blankets etc due to 'infection control' or some other reason…which is odd in mental health units but it happened when I was in last year.

Does she drink coffee? As the coffee is always shite in hospitals (and always runs out and gets taken away at certain times of night in some places…)

AnxiousCarer Mon 21-Nov-16 21:56:05

Agree thats ridiculous re infection control dangermouse I work in physical health and our patients are allowed their own blankets cushions etc!

OldRosesDoomed Mon 21-Nov-16 22:00:08

Love. Charging brick thingy for her phone. Being her advocate and mugging up on the Mental Health Code of Conduct.

KeemaNaanAndCurryOn Mon 21-Nov-16 22:01:57

Decent tea and coffee, juice and other drinks.

Puzzle books, including pens and pencils, colouring books as well. Crappy magazines that you can read without too much effort.

Nice toiletries, but in plastic bottles. Some of my favourite things were soap and glory miniatures. Every day toiletries too.

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