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Bipolar type II medication?

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DouglasFirs Sat 19-Nov-16 17:06:14

I was diagnosed with bipolar type II just over a year ago and have tried to manage it without medication.

I got off to a good start after I was initially diagnosed, and seemed to be able to manage it without meds, I felt like knowing what was wrong with me helped me keep things under control.

However I have had two episodes in the last 6ish months, which have had a big impact on my family, forcing them to drop everything to look after me (and my baby).

I just wondered if anyone else had experience of medication, and has it stopped any further episodes?

I feel like I can't put myself or my family through another one.

BursarsFrogs Sat 19-Nov-16 17:48:58

Hi. My DH has bipolar type 2. He struggles with depression quite often, and he was on antidepressants before his diagnosis already (fluoxetine), and has stayed on them, as he feels the lows are less frequent and less serious while he's on it. He's also started taking olanzapine, but we're not quite as sure what effect that's had exactly (except making him sleepy), but when he tried reducing the dose recently he got very anxious.

peppatax Sat 19-Nov-16 17:57:59

Sorry can I hijack and ask how long it took to get a diagnosis? I've been pushing for another assessment after being told nearly a year ago despite having several months off work and since then have been having weekly blips and monthly crises where like the OP I require care. Have also been on fluoxetine with little effect

redannie118 Sat 19-Nov-16 18:10:37

Hi myeah Dh has bp2 and has been on Meds for 15 years now with a lot of juggling to get it right. I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to be on Meds op - my DH has said on many occasions he would be dead by now without it. I've done a lot of research into differenthe Meds as I'm his primary carer and the real biggie is to have mood stabilisers ( he is on lamotrigine one of the most popular brands ) and also anti depressants ( he is on sertaline which after a lot of trial and error works best for him. ) he is on very high doses of both 300 milligrammes of each , but it means he lIves a pretty normal life now and holds down a full time job. Try reading some of the American Web pages- their treatment for bp2 is miles ahead of ours, infact most clinics don't prescribe anti ds at all as they say it can actually make the symptoms worse, and instead rely entirely of high doses of mood stablisers which have inbuilt anti ds and work much better. I had to fight hard to get my DH on a higher dose of mood stabilisers ( only a psychologist can prescribe btw) but the difference is astounding , he says he feels like he has his life back ! There's a lot of trial and error in trying Meds, so don't be afraid to keep going back to the GP. Good luck !

iveburntthetoast Sat 19-Nov-16 18:48:20

I take an antidepressant (agomelatine), without this i would be permanently depressed. However, i need mood stabilisers to stop me going high. I take lamotrgine (225mg), carbamazepine (250mg) and Quetiapine (1150mg).

Even with all that, I still rapid cycle with a depressive episode every few months. Sometimes I can manage with the crisis team, other times I am admitted. It's taken years to find this med combo and it's OK

Itisnoteasybeingdifferent Sat 19-Nov-16 19:26:59

What is type II as opposed to type I?

Regardless, I am mild, that is I have not (so far) managed to do something wild enough to end up in hospital (or gaol)..

I was given Valproate semisodium, (Depakot). It seems to be used for a variety of issues as well as a mood stabiliser. It seems to work on redicing manic periods but stops counterpoint swing into depression. What
I do like is that,un,ike drugs lite Citralopram,it is not in any way addictive and has a very short half life.... and attendant efficacy.

As to how long it took to get a diagnosis, I sort of came to the realisation myself and asked my consultant to consider it during a session. After that my prescription was changed.

LovelessH Sat 19-Nov-16 20:24:39

I am type 1 so my experience is very different but my advice is to speak with a psychiatrist. A normal starting drug is call lamotrigine which is a mood stabiliser. It works well and I take it with lots of other drugs.

Type I is more aggressive with more highs than lows
Type II is more depressive with less serious highs.
(That's what I was told, but it's a very complex subject)

HelloNormal Sat 19-Nov-16 23:40:48

I take 400mg lamotrigine. It would probably work better if I took it properly. So that's a factor.

MaitlandGirl Sat 19-Nov-16 23:53:42

DP is Type 2 and takes Abilify. It's not great as she's still rapid cycling hypermanic but after a nervous breakdown almost 10 years ago the hypermania is better than the depression.

She's been on Abilify for almost 6 years and tried the maximum dose last year to combat the rapid cycling but the side effects weren't great.

It's a balancing act and for us, the risk of changing medications again and dealing wit the side effects is worse than the current situation.

DouglasFirs Sun 20-Nov-16 11:37:18

Thanks everyone. Lots to think about.

The main difference between 1 and 2 is mania vs hypermania - mania involves psychotic symptoms (such as hearing voices, hallucinations), whereas hypermania does not.

peppatax it's taken about 10 years to get a diagnosis from when I first experienced symptoms. I was treated for depression for a couple of years prior to diagnosis.

I am hoping to see a psychiatrist (I can't access the one who diagnosed me as I have moved area) - waiting to find out if I can get an appointment. I should find out this week, so will keep you posted. There are so many options!! But none that seem certain 😔 lots to discuss with him/her.

DouglasFirs Sun 20-Nov-16 20:18:04

Oops I meant "hypomania" (just read about "hypermania" which is an extreme form of mania).

Just wanted to clear it up in case anyone reads this thread at some point for info!

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