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Intrusive/implanted thoughts

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Greendress123 Wed 16-Nov-16 22:23:13

Does anyone else have problems with thoughts coming into their head from one source or another and telling them to do things they don't want to do?

The thoughts are particularly loud recently. I'm fighting them, and I think I'm winning, but it is exhausting.

Greendress123 Wed 16-Nov-16 22:32:57

I'm not sure where the thoughts are coming from. Logically my own head, but they feel external. Maybe they are coming from someone else. If they are, that person is a twat who wants me dead.

sallysparrow157 Wed 16-Nov-16 22:34:46

When I'm feeling particularly crappy I get thoughts that I don't want, I know they are my thoughts but I find it hard to distract myself from them. It's generally a sign that my mood is pretty low and my life's a bit pants and that I need external help to make it ok again.
Are you having thoughts that you know are your own thoughts, but they're not very nice, or are you worried that there's an external influence on your thoughts? Either way, it's a horrible experience and you're doing really well to be fighting the thoughts you don't want, but I think this is something damn hard to do by yourself so speaking to a friend or relative you trust/your GP/crisis team is a good plan

artlessflirt Wed 16-Nov-16 22:35:42

Have you spoken to anyone about these thoughts? I'd strongly advise having a chat with your GP and getting some support.

Whilst it can feel very real and very disturbing, intrusive thoughts are quite common, however if they are causing you anxiety and fear it's probably best that you seek help in dealing with them

OnceMoreIntoTheBleach Wed 16-Nov-16 22:36:19

Are you on any medication/drugs that might be causing it? Are you under medical care? If not, I would definitely see your GP flowers

Greendress123 Wed 16-Nov-16 22:40:06

I'm definitely having thoughts. I am about 75% sure they are mine. On one hand it seems logical that they are mine, but I don't want to die so why would my own brain be making me plan suicides?

My anti psychotic and anti depressant have just been increased, so I'm relatively cheerful and in control apart from these thoughts. I was really down yesterday morning though, I saw my cpn then, but I've been pretty ok since when I've been up and about (I sleep a lot due to my meds)

artlessflirt Wed 16-Nov-16 22:43:02

Maybe best to have a chat with someone about the thoughts - it could be related to your medication.

I sometimes, at random points, will think about killing myself or running away. It can come out of nowhere nor are they triggered by anything.

It helps me sometimes to rationalise it as an odd quirk of my brain. But I can appreciate that they are disturbing and uncomfortable.

AnxiousCarer Thu 17-Nov-16 10:00:48

Hi green,

Have you discussed these thoughts with your CPN? These thoughts can be part of your psychosis, the fact that you still recognise them as most likely your own thoughts is positive. I take it your meds have been increased because you have been struggling lately, so hopefully that will help. Are you under a lot of stress at the moment? My DH has episodes of psychosis, bought on by stress. What things can you do to help reduce your stress? Exercise, Arts and crafts, going for a walk, watching a film?

I also have urges to self harm when my stress levels are high. I know that its my thoughts although they make little sense. I'm told that this is a maladaptive coping mechanism similar to using alcohol or drugss to deal with stress. For me exercise e.g. going swimming really helps.

Greendress123 Thu 17-Nov-16 14:38:45

I'm feeling a lot better now, I've got out of the house and eaten food and things seem a lot more normal now. Which is good. I won't be alone tonight so hopefully that will give my brain some breathing space.

I'm always a bit surprised at how alarmed people get at me having thoughts implanted in my brain (or thinking I do) - I've had things like this happen all my life and I've only been under mental health services for a third of it (and they are discharging me back to my gp soon so can't be all that bothered). It can't be all that uncommon as I'm sure I mentioned it to people as a child and they didn't get alarmed.

AnxiousCarer Thu 17-Nov-16 17:21:16

Hi green glad you are feeling better. I think we all get odd thoughts pop into our head from time to time. These thoughts themselves arn't necesarilly a problem, its what those people believe about these thoughts and how they act on them that can be more problematic. I know that for DH these thoughts are an early warning that he is heading towards a psychotic episode and could quickly escalate to a crisis point where he completely loses touch with reality. For you those same thoughts, could be just thoughts, not very pleasant ones, but just thoughts.

For example Ann gets an unpleasant thought, she wonders if its her own thought or if someone has implanted it. She knows the thought is unusual, accept this as an unpleasant, maybe annoying thought and carries on with what she was doing.

Alison has the same thought, she wonders if it is her own or implanted. She thinks that it is probably implanted and wonders who by, she finds this very scary and looks out for clues to who it might be. She starts to change the way she behaves in response to his percieved threat.

The thought is the same but the beliefs about it are different. My reaction to someone telling me about implanted thoughts is governed by my experiences with DH who tends to follow Alisons way of thinking and before I know it is extremely paranoid and in the middle of a full blown psychotic episode. In fact most people will never know that Ann ever had that thought,but may notice Alisons changed behaviour and therefore be likely to think that anyone having implanted thoughts is likely to react that way. Does that make any sense?

Greendress123 Thu 17-Nov-16 18:16:08

That does make sense, thank you for the perspective.

dangermouseisace Thu 17-Nov-16 21:57:35

I get these. I prefer to think of them as intrusive. They are like they are not mine- literally come out of no-where and are direct abrupt instructions, shouted at me. Like a little evil elf in my head. Something innocuous will get picked up on and twisted…a word…something in the scenery...
They are surprising/shocking and annoying at first, but if they carry on for weeks end up becoming my way of thinking. Its important to talk about this with your CPN.

BTW I am not psychotic!

Greendress123 Wed 23-Nov-16 22:15:23

As a little update, I am feeling a lot better ow, the meds increase seems to be helping. Thank you all for your help.

AnxiousCarer Thu 24-Nov-16 11:41:48

Glad things are getting easier flowers

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