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Anxious again - so fed up of this!

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SarcasmMode Wed 16-Nov-16 09:26:14

Posted a few days ago (!) about anxiety and other things. They are just all consuming now. It's easier to list:

• a tight, nervous tension in my chest
• a cold shiver / cold liquid running through veins sensation through skin
• palpitations
• feeling jumpy/ easily frightened
• seeing shapes/colours/odd faces at the corners of my eyes towards my nose
• not feeling settled
• I don't want to be around people including kids and family (3 and 9 months)
• don't want to be touched

I also have a feeling of anger. It's horrible. Went to go yesterday and they are ordering me bloods and want me to call a counselling service. Not upping my meds yet (Sertraline).

I just want to be on my own! DD2 is wacky soberly

SarcasmMode Wed 16-Nov-16 09:28:09

DD2 is exclusively breastfed so can't go away or anything. I sometimes not feel too bad but it's getting more often now.

Both the girls are full of the cold but still in good spirits but I just can't fucking get a grip and call down / want to play.

I'm angry at myself.

AnxiousCarer Wed 16-Nov-16 10:27:20

Me too mode feeling very similar, except for the not wanting to be touched, I'm the opposite, very clingy with DH.

Glad you saw GP, councelling service sounds like a good start, Ive found mine helpful and sje hascrefered on to psychologist as she feels I need more than she can offer, so it can be a route into other services too. Did you give GP full list you have above, if not that might be useful.

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