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Anixety and Thredworms

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wonderland87 Thu 10-Nov-16 11:13:08

Ok bare with me this is a long one.
11 days ago I had a day of loose stools. from that point on I had a itchy sore bum. I checked my stool for worms I couldn't see any. I had loose stools up till Sunday. My bum hasn't seemed as itchy the past few days but im really stressing about it. It's ruining my life. I went to the doctors on Tuesday and she examined my anus and said it looks fine and healthy and no sign of worms. I've arranged counselling and I'm back on my anti depressants. Last night I had a hard bowl moment checked it and thought I could maybe see something that could be worms but I can't be sure. I'm now back to loose stools. my bum has remained sore throughout all this. neither my partner or children have signs of worms. I treated us today with ovex because I can't take it anymore whether I have it haven't got them. I'm miserable. I don't know what I'm asking for tbh I just needed to talk to someone

hoddtastic Thu 10-Nov-16 11:15:24

just take ovex or any other anthelmintic to try and put your mind at rest, and do it again next week.

boil bedding/kids toys and damp dust- would taking charge of the situation (whether it's real or not) help your anxiety?

sleepyhead Thu 10-Nov-16 11:17:47

Loose stools aren't a symptom of thread worms, they can be caused by anxiety though.

Loose stools can cause irritation and pain/itchiness around your anus.

None of this is really relevant though, it's your anxiety talking. You know your thoughts are irrational and catastrophising. You might find CBT helpful in controlling these sort of unwanted thoughts.

sad I know lot of people who struggle with this sort of anxiety. It's very hard.

wonderland87 Thu 10-Nov-16 16:42:35

Thank you both. I've taken ovex and boil washed the bedding and bleached the bathroom. I'm currently waiting to be reffered for counselling and I'm going to try asking for CBT when I'm there

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