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Depression and anxiety

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JLewis23 Thu 03-Nov-16 18:54:10

Since coming out of an abusive relationship a year ago I have been dealing with depression and anxiety, to be honest i think it started before the relationship ended but I didn't realise. I've had counselling and been offered anti depressants and beta blockers. I'm not keen to rely on tablets to feel better! I gave up smoking in 2011 when I found out I was pregnant with my son. Now when I'm stressed or bored I eat rather than have a fag so I have put on a considerable amount of weight. I am sick and tired of feeling the way I do! I want to be the fun loving mummy I used to be not this Debbie downer mum who doesn't want to do anything or go out. I feel like I'm letting my kids down and damaging them. I want to change it but I don't know how and I keep going round in circles! Not sure why I'm writing this on here, guess I just need a rant! X

Truckingalong Thu 03-Nov-16 18:59:33

Rant away! It sucks doesn't it. No wise words but until you're feeling stronger, just keep telling your kids that you love them and give them a hug.

rumred Thu 03-Nov-16 21:18:10

dont write off anti depressants as a useful tool for getting back on an even keel. once you feel more balanced you can address concerns and worries and hopefully make any changes needed. they are a tool to use, not a lifestyle, and certainly not a sign of weakness- which is what i used to believe. they dont work for everyone but can really help to stabilise mood

im sure you arent letting your kids down- all people go through hard times and it does no harm for them to know this- and know too that you can deal with it

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