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Starting CBT on Monday - what to expect?

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fireandicecubes Thu 03-Nov-16 10:14:43

After a shitty 5 years with ill health, hospital procedures, family estrangements, redundancy & job issues & the menopause, my GP diagnosed me with severe depression. I already take Fluoxetine to help with an ongoing condition, but she has increased the dose. I'm feeling a bit better but on GPs suggestion I have organised CBT & have my first session on Monday.

I'm a little nervous as I've never had any form of counselling before so I'm hoping someone can tell me what to expect. Will this just be a getting to know you & working out what I need?

Thanks in advance

HelloNormal Thu 03-Nov-16 11:44:45

First session you might fill in a few forms, talk about your current problems, your goals, and the way you think about things, and learn a bit about CBT. It'll probably be really tiring. Good luck.

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