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Speech impediment/anxiety in 8yo DS

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Nateismine Wed 02-Nov-16 19:19:09

Please could someone give me some help or reassurance about my DS. He's always been a happy and easy child. He has a happy family life and seems to be happy at school- does well, has friends etc. 3 months ago he started to stutter quite a lot, now this has progressed to not stuttering, but not being able to get any words out at all. He tries to say something, and seems unable and then starts taking sharp intakes of breath- sometimes for about a minute until he is able to get the sentence out. It's not all the time but people are starting to notice.

A quick google and common sense suggests this is anxiety but he seems fine and tells me there is no problem.

Any advise, ideas, reassurance? Is this something the school will handle or do we need to get outside help?

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