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Took the 1st step

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Willow89 Wed 02-Nov-16 19:00:18

So finally today I made the decision to start counseling. It's been a very long time coming, I have a mother who has massive mental health issues which impacted my childhood greatly and my father killed him self when I was very small, fast forward a few year had my ds and suffered with pnd and anxiety which has been ongoing, took meds for a while. I have good and bad weeks at the moment I'm going through a bad patch, I'm a single parent and love my ds so much but constant feeling of loneliness and being generally down. Never feel I am good enough mother, friend etc. I hate to keep bothering people with my 'problems' so am avoiding contact with people. Feel like I'm so stuck in a rut, I work in a job that I don't particularly like and doesn't pay well but I just don't have the confidence to change careers right now. I know my problems are minuscule in comparison to other people but I just felt like I needed to offload tonight and I'm feeling quite proud that I've made this 1st step. I have to wait to hear back from the counseling service, hopefully I won't be waiting too long on an appointment as I don't want to lose my nerve and not go! Can anyone tell me their experience of counseling, did you find it helpful?
Sorry for the ramble!

AnxiousCarer Wed 02-Nov-16 21:09:11

Hi I'm having councelling at the moment. I've had it several times in the past and found it very useful for helping to work through difficult events and emotions. I really reccomend it. Just to be aware sometimes it can bring difficult emotions to the surface so can be an emotional process.

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