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Mirtazapine and weight gain

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SugarNspiceNallThingsNice Tue 01-Nov-16 12:35:13

I'm faced with a dilemma, I know mirtazepine is good for my mental health and helps me sleep. But... I hate the weight gain.
I stopped taking it 3 months ago and lost nearly a stone. But now my low moods and suicidal thoughts are back. I also seem to have gotten into the habit of having a binge eating session for lunch on the week days.
I have at least 3 stone to lose but need the medicine. Should I just start taking it to feel better? Has anyone lost any weight while on it?

dangermouseisace Tue 01-Nov-16 13:13:51

Sorry to hear you are struggling sugar. Have you been to your GP recently about your MH?

I've managed to lose a small amount of weight on mirtazapine probably only a couple of Kg. However, I'm happier with my body despite not much weight loss as it is more defined/stronger.

I started doing more exercise- running/yoga. I'm actually eating much MORE than I was when I started running again, but weigh a bit less. I was hardly eating anything before I started running again, as I was frustrated with the way I was gaining weight. I'd put on nearly 2 stone so I was basically living on rice cakes and not losing any weight at all. Now I'm regularly exercising I eat proper meals and snacks. I also cut down on the alcohol I consume. I've come to accept that I can't manage without the medication, and I have to accept being a bit bigger than I was, but it's better to be bigger and fitter than just bigger! I guess if I ate less and carried on exercising I'd lose more weight but I don't feel the need to IYSWIM. So I guess it is possible to lose weight on mirtazapine, it's just harder. But, if you're having binge eating sessions then you're likely to put on weight without the mirtazapine anyway- so isn't it better to go on it and hopefully feel less need to binge/be mentally better?

SugarNspiceNallThingsNice Tue 01-Nov-16 13:55:46

Well I was seeing the gp regularly and had some therapy but was only allowed 8 sessions which I know wasn't enough but I had felt better when that finished and decided to stop the mirtazepine. Today I think I've snapped and realise it was stupid to stop taking them. I've been on and off medicine for over a decade now. I needed them first when I was 17 and I'm nearly 30 now! I know deep down that I need them to feel better. I just need to find a diet that suits me. Wish me luck on that one!

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