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Long term citalopram but still depressed

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Knackerednursey Tue 01-Nov-16 01:30:45

Hi guys, I really need some advice. Sorry if this is long-winded. I'm a single parent of 2 and work part-time in a really stressful job. I've actually got myself a new job that should hopefully be easier, but I won't start for another 2 months. I need to keep working as there is no-one else to rely on to help pay the bills and keep us living in a nice area! I've been on 40mg citalopram for about 5 years as I suffered with mild-moderate depression long before my life got as hard as it is now. Since splitting up with my ex-partner 3 years ago I've gone from nearly suicidal pits of depression to functioning, working, looking after my kids and running a house (in a fashion!) I was on mirtazipine for a while aswell, and now take amitriptyline for sleep. So there is a definite improvement, and I do have the odd really good day but I just can't maintain it. I mostly look ok on the outside, but I'm struggling so hard all the time, my life is just miserable. I just took that depression test and scored moderately severe depression.
I don't have a regular GP, and the last one I saw said she would only start me on another antidepressant if I stop the citalopram first. So I've been thinking about weaning off the citalopram as I have no idea if it's working, or maybe it is and I'd be severely depressed without it?? And the stories online of citalopram withdrawal are horrendous! I know there are lots of things I could do for myself such as exercise and diet (which I am always thinking of doing and will one day) but that is not happening yet, I'm too down, and it's a vicious circle!
Does anyone have experience of citalopram stopping working and another drug making a difference? Either instead of citalopram or combined with it? If anyone is on a combination of antidepressants, were they prescribed by your GP or by a psychiatrist? I'm thinking that this period of notice I have at work might be the best time for me to possible change meds because my new job is now secured and if I have to be off sick now there shouldn't be too much fallout. I think I might be going off sick anyway...sorry for the huuge post x

BecauseIamaBear Tue 01-Nov-16 06:20:30

I was prescribed Citralopram when I broke down. It helped a lot and I was on it for over a year.. But after a while I began to feel it was not "right".

I decided to come off and began gradually reducing my dose a month at a time per step. The final stqges I was cutting tablets in two, then taking half every other day.

I think it took nearly five months to get "clean"... but I am happy to say I did not have any side effects although I recognised I still needed meds and later began a different management. Good luck and please keep posting.

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