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Anxiety relief tips

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SugarNspiceNallThingsNice Mon 31-Oct-16 16:45:01

Does anyone have any tips for calming yourself down when you're bad with anxiety?
I have a horrible feeling in my stomach and palpitations and I know it's just my nerves.
I guess it's because I know I have to leave my house in an hour to take the kids out trick or treating.
I'm dreading it.

mustheshowgoon Mon 31-Oct-16 16:57:51

For me this is what works:
Really deep belly breaths - count in and out
Listening to a piece of music
Star jumps
Massaging my face - particularly my eyebrows
Stroking my cat

I don't envy you with trick or treating flowers

SugarNspiceNallThingsNice Mon 31-Oct-16 17:20:45

Thanks, I've put some music on til it's time to go. I couldn't try stroking the cat, grumpy bugger would just get his claws out! I'm now dealing with my 4 year olds tantrums as he has just decided he doesn't like his costume. Typical.

Oh the joys!

AnxiousCarer Mon 31-Oct-16 19:28:14

I find exercise and meditation help, also something called emotional freedom techneque that my councellor taught me. Maybe not in time to help tonight but might be useful invthe future.

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