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Pills or continue as I am

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Lolaandstan Sat 29-Oct-16 21:53:05

I had a mini melt down 2 weeks ago..I work during school hours every day. Mostly I do the cooking shopping and chores. My hubby does man stuff. He is quite a critical person & this day asked me why I hadnt done something & I flipped. It quickly erupted into a really bad row.

Things have been getting on top of me. I have 2 different part time jobs. I took on another one closer to home hoping i would find something else nearby so that i could give up the jobb that is getting me down. So far i have not found anything but neither job is enough hrs on its own.

I have no time to.myself as i drop kids to school go to work and then pick them up. They also do clubs.

Anyway after my meltdown i went to the doctor as i haven't been able to pull myself together. She signed me off for 2 weeks.

I have had some problems with my husband and my son can be v difficult to handle.
All in all I still keep having thecterrible shakes when I talk about my feelings. I just don't now whether to start citalipram or not. I had it for post natal depression and came off 4 years ago which was hard .

I am suffering from awful anxiety as well.

AnxiousCarer Sat 29-Oct-16 22:29:14

Hi, sorry things are so tough at the moment. I don't regretvthe times I've gone onto antidepressants, in fact I've got better at recognising when I need them earlier before things get too bad. Taking medication isn't a weakness, if you didn't getvon with citalopram before you could ask to try something different this time.

Lolaandstan Sun 30-Oct-16 12:03:50

Thank you i just remember I had trouble sleeping for a while and it was hard when i weaned off them. Maybe i will ask dr to be signed off a bit longer first and see if that helps.

AnxiousCarer Sun 30-Oct-16 14:35:35

Also theres lots of ADs so you could ask to try a different one if citalopram didn't agree with you.

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