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Not coping

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weegiemum Fri 28-Oct-16 12:37:40

I'm not coping.

I have bpd, depression and anxiety.

The last few days I've just spent crying, while my dc are at school. Dc are 12,14,16 and know I'm unwell but I try to shield them from the worst.

My bpd has issues like addiction - I'm 6 weeks without a drink, which is amazing for me. I've done the dbt course for bpd and feel a huge lot better but its never going to leave me. I have to live with this for the rest of my life.

i just feel so low. I think the therapy I've been undertaking has stripped away the disorders to an extent, and what I'm facing now is LIFE - life as it is supposed to be, but I'm seeing it through the lens of my therapy.

I need to be back to normal happy mum by 4pm and today I've no idea how?

bassetfeet Fri 28-Oct-16 14:32:20

So sorry tomread you are feeling so low weeegie . Trying to keep the tears from flowing is just another torment . Your children are old enough now to see their mum have an off day for sure . Sob while they are at school because it does help and then quick face wipe eh?

I haven't had therapy but it seems to very hard but eventually worth it . As you say now it is LIFE through that lens you are facing up,too and hey I dont underestimate the courage you have given to the therapy and what you are dealing with now . Treat yourself gently please and be proud of your bravery . Through all that life has thrown at you have some flowers.

BecauseIamaBear Fri 28-Oct-16 15:06:59

Thank you for posting.
It is now deepening autumn and the evenings are getting shorter. It is a bad time of year for anyone who has any symptoms of SAD. I do believe it helps to tell people how you feel in an sort of anonymous way. Can you describe what makes you feel anxious?

Oh and please pop into the Wrist bitches.. it is not what is sounds likesmile

weegiemum Fri 28-Oct-16 15:34:01

I'm finding going out by myself hard.

Pretty crap as I have to go to Birmingham on Sunday for a day long discussion forum for the masters degree I'm doing on the Monday. Eeeew.

I've done it before, I'll do it again!

I feel so useless. I can't get myself together to just DO stuff. My dc are all away until 7-8pm today (friends and sports stuff after school) and I just want to cry. and cry.

Nuts, isn't it?

AnxiousCarer Fri 28-Oct-16 21:58:31

Hugs, sometimes a good cry is what we need, yes very welcome to join wrists bitches, we are a friendly bunch.

weegiemum Fri 02-Dec-16 13:20:11

Coming back to this as I'm not coping again today. Have had 3 really bad days and today I'm up (have been up and presentable to dc all week but I think they know) but dreading the end of the day.

A handhold would be nice.

I can do this. But I find this time of year stressful (I'm nc with my mother and yesterday was her birthday) and I need to be ok for the dc coming home.

weegiemum Fri 02-Dec-16 15:26:50


AnxiousCarer Fri 02-Dec-16 23:00:17

Hi weegie how are you doing?

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