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Complicated suicide attempt and social services

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Mrsssunder Thu 27-Oct-16 15:14:11

Ill try and keep this short. I met my new husband 2 years ago. My older 2 (16/18) have never really got on with him like they did their lasts today we (who brought them up from age 4/5- 13/14) they resented him because he opened my eyes to how they behaved and took me for granted. And I put new rules in place. Things escalated till 4 weeks ago it go too much and i could not see a way forward without loosing my husband or my older kids (I have. 8 year old who gets in brilliantly with my husband)
I stupidly too a load of pills and ended up i hospital and I was sectioned for 2 days. Then left to go on with my life as they could see what a huge mistake I realized u had made. If shook the whole family. I'm not saying it's great it's not. We just all run along in the house oth my husband and my older 2 not talking. But it's ok and Ivan deal with that along with them. And it's only for a couple of years as they will be leaving to go ibi. I thought that was the end of it. Hug today out of the blue i got a call saying social services are sending round a social worker to have a chat with us all. I'm scared they will take my youngest away (he's my world) because the house is far from a perfect happy family. I don't know what to expect n

Mozfan1 Thu 27-Oct-16 15:16:22

Hi op I would be happy to private message you about my experiences

Mrsssunder Thu 27-Oct-16 15:22:18

Would be great thanks

Mozfan1 Thu 27-Oct-16 15:25:15

I've messaged you back smile

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