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Sxck Thu 27-Oct-16 14:09:47

I'm Worried about somebody close to me, He has recently been cheated on and is getting threats of Violence from Boys his ex girlfriend is Going around with.
I'm not worried about them I'm worried about what he will do, Its come to the point where we are thinking about trying to get Him Sectioned to stop him Hurting Himself or Others.

He isn't one to joke and has Told me many of times Hes prepared To go and get them if they do not turn up to our addresses soon.
Currently on Quatiapine 200mg - 100mg 8pm and 8pm.

Has anybody got any Ideas how I Can prove to the Professionals hes a risk?

Diagnosed with Conduct Depression Disorder, Psychoses due to Drugs and Alcohol.

Also Says he feels like their is Somebody els in his body that makes him Feel like he wants to Hurt himself or other people.
His Mood can change Very Fast and was Labeled as a 'Naughty Kid'
Which i think is Horrible.

If anybody could help it would be Much Appreciated x

AnxiousCarer Thu 27-Oct-16 16:51:02

Hi, my husband suffers with psychosis. In my experience it is very hard to get sectioned. Even when my husband has made suicide attempts, and threats to others he has not been.

A section can only be applied for by either a healthcare proffessional or his nearest relative. This is not necessarily his next of kin, but the person is he is closest too/has most involvement with him. Likely a parent but not always. My advice would be to go via a proffesional as he may need professional help even if he is not needing sectioning. Does he have a CPN involved? If so then speak to them ASAP and discuss your concerns. Is he psychotic at the moment? That will also make a difference. If he doesn't have a CPN my advise would be to contact your local crisis team and explain your concerns to them. The number will probably be online or you can get it from your local hospital switch board. If its an emergency call the police. They can get an emergency psychiatric assessment is they feel he is a risk to himself or others and will take him to a safe place. Often a&e but if he is aggitated and aggressive may be cells initially.

Psychosis is bloody horrible, sounds a lot like what DH goes through :-(

Sxck Thu 27-Oct-16 18:24:14

He has been in trouble with police alot due to his anger, Thinking of going down the police Psychiatric Route but Im afraid it will go wrong if he attacks them sad

AnxiousCarer Thu 27-Oct-16 18:46:01

If you think this is likely then warnbthe police so that they can be prepared. They have always been very good with DH and he has been known to fight them. Its bloody horrible for all involved but at least keeps him safe.

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