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Anyone up? Need to talk

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AnxiousCarer Wed 26-Oct-16 23:03:22

PTSD been triggered badly tonight, can't switch off now, feel shit, fighting urges to self harm :-(

WristBoundLatexBitch Wed 26-Oct-16 23:06:39

I'm up. Having a bad time with depression. Wanting to sleep all day but cannot sleep at night flowers

Not helpful sorry

donajimena Wed 26-Oct-16 23:08:24

I'm here but I'm not experienced in helping with MH. Just want you to not feel alone. Are you in a safe place?

AnxiousCarer Wed 26-Oct-16 23:23:12

Thank you I'm safe at home with DH, he's asleep, I can't sleep, anxiety is high, it sucks. Got too stressful days at work coming up too, really need to get through them. PTSDs been bad this week, seems to be getting worse. :-(

Depression sucks too Wrist, been there too in the past.

WristBoundLatexBitch Wed 26-Oct-16 23:26:50

I'm in a strange place at the moment and don't really know myself.

But I'm good at gliding through smile

Not about me though, if you would like to talk I'm here flowers

donajimena Wed 26-Oct-16 23:29:02

My anxiety keeps me awake too. I don't have PTSD but I have night time anxiety. Distract distract distract! Do you think you will manage some sleep?

AnxiousCarer Wed 26-Oct-16 23:31:55

Hope I can get some sleep, exhausted and 2 manic days at work coming up. Trying to distract, but distraction tactics likely to keep me awake.

WristBoundLatexBitch Wed 26-Oct-16 23:34:05

We have ninjas and all the others. Maybe we could start our own thread. A safe place when we need it

AnxiousCarer Wed 26-Oct-16 23:36:01

Thats a good idea :-)

WristBoundLatexBitch Wed 26-Oct-16 23:36:39

I know I would benefit from it and regular people to talk to

AnxiousCarer Wed 26-Oct-16 23:37:16

Bloody TV programme triggered this tonight dreading halloween now :-(

donajimena Wed 26-Oct-16 23:38:31

I'm feeling sleepy so I'll probably go to sleep now (I say anxiety keeps me awake but I tend to sleep and then wake up in the early hours and THEN the anxiety kicks in)
Just try and get through tonight and if you want to chat tomorrow I'll be here.
I find headphones and music distracts my thoughts and I tell myself that if I am lying flat and not moving then at least I am getting some rest. You are not alone. Stay busy! Even if that busy is reading. Easier said than done when your mind is jumping through hoops xx

WristBoundLatexBitch Wed 26-Oct-16 23:39:41

I've started a thread if you want to join smile I'd love to get to know people who struggle like I do

AnxiousCarer Wed 26-Oct-16 23:41:03

Might try some music. Feeling better just from a little chat thank you everyone.

AnxiousCarer Wed 26-Oct-16 23:42:18

Will do wrist :-)

WristBoundLatexBitch Wed 26-Oct-16 23:44:36

It would be nice just to have a go to of people who understand

Viviene Wed 26-Oct-16 23:47:14

I'm up, can't sleep. Don't have any experience with MH issues but wanted to let you know there are people out there thinking of you. When trying to fall asleep I always pick a house I've been to and try to redecorate it in my mind - could it work for you?

Onedaftmonkey Wed 26-Oct-16 23:50:37

Anxiety preventing me to sleep too. 1am in such a pickle at work don't know if I'm still employed by tomorrow. I hate the constant circle of noise in my head. I can't relax. Even my wine isn't helping tonight.

Wolfiefan Wed 26-Oct-16 23:51:14

Posted on the other thread.

BecauseIamaBear Thu 27-Oct-16 00:07:25

Try and stay off the wine ... It doesn't really help.. You may nod off but the wine wakes you up later and then you don't get back to sleep.

Trust me, that's from experience..

AnxiousCarer Thu 27-Oct-16 00:31:58

Thanks guys feeling a lot better for a good chat

donajimena Thu 27-Oct-16 07:12:33

Hope you are all ok this morning. Good luck to those of you with work stresses over the next few days! X

AnxiousCarer Thu 27-Oct-16 16:34:34

Made it into work this morning, but didn't last long, couldn't cope, not planningbon going in tomorrow either. Seeing Dr in the morning might ask for a sick note. Just completely fallen appart.

Wolfiefan Thu 27-Oct-16 16:37:40

Please do ask for a sick note if you need it. Are you on any treatment?

donajimena Thu 27-Oct-16 19:35:13

I'm so sorry that you are feeling this low. sad Focus on your appointment tomorrow.

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