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Fit notes and Jobcentre plus/ESA issues

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dangermouseisace Thu 20-Oct-16 11:48:58

Sooooo…I got my 'fit note' today…10 days late as it took ages to get an appointment with the GP etc. As previously advised by the ESA helpline I took it into the Jobcentre plus. If you give it to them the ESA people get it in a couple of days, as opposed to the 9+ if you post it. If it gets there at all via the post (things in the past have got lost). I've had a bit of hassle in the past handing it in to my local job centre but the phone line have said that the job centre should not be making things difficult, that this is a valid way to send in a fit note.

Here is what happened:
Security: "It's another one…"
Advisor: "Why are you bringing your fit note here? Is it your first?"
Dangermouse: "No. ESA helpline have told me I can bring it in here. It took ages to get an appointment with my GP to get the note.."
Advisor: "It is up to YOU to organise your appointments early enough, and to post the notes early enough. We don't have the staff to deal with it here"
Dangermouse: "But the ESA people have said that this is a recommended way to hand it in…It takes 2 weeks to go through their postal system, and in the past, I've sent things and they haven't got there at all."
Advisor: "Well, they are dealing wit 3.5 million claimants and a small amount of post going missing is nothing."
Dangermouse: "Well that's as maybe but when you are relying on benefits to live then it isn't nothing. In the past I've had to send things recorded delivery to make sure they got there"
Advisor: "I've heard of nothing like that. We don't have the staff here to deal with this sort of stuff. ESA helpline are telling people they can bring notes in here but we don't have the staff to deal with this"
Dangermouse: "well, to be fair, that's not our fault…"

Is this a common occurrence? It was lucky that I'd messed up my medication last week so today I'm floating around in a detached cloud, otherwise I would have been reduced to a jibbering teary wreck. I don't mean to be funny, but if I was able to organise my life perfectly with appointments sick notes etc then I wouldn't have to claim ESA. I find it difficult enough dealing with day to day stuff…I am being unreasonable in being a bit, well, offended.

dangermouseisace Thu 20-Oct-16 11:56:29

and I can't even remember if I filled in the stuff I was meant to!

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