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I think I might have Borderline personality disorder

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Furrythings Sat 08-Oct-16 20:45:47

Hi. I came across an article on bpd and it seems to fit me. I've suffered from ongoing depression for the last 20 odd years and am taking Citalopram. I've been twice divorced and my current relationship is floundering too. I am up and down in mood a lot and get really angry sometimes. When I'm very frustrated and angry in arguments with do, I scratch myself. I am never satisfied and feel like I've failed in life so badly. My life isn't what I wanted at all and I'm constantly comparing myself to others of my age. It's like torture some days. I'm so unhappy most of the time. Not sure if I'm just depressed or something else. Has anyone got any insight into this? Thanks

malificent7 Thu 13-Oct-16 05:50:04

Cant read and run. I would go to the doctor. Fwiw i feel the same and think i might have it too. It sucks!

Ifailed Thu 13-Oct-16 05:58:31

Rather then self-diagnose, go and see the GP. Be warned, though, it is long and tortuous route to getting a proper diagnosis and treatment, unless you get sectioned.

Good Luck, and remember you are not alone with this.

Kasparprinceofthieved Tue 18-Oct-16 03:43:30

Furry, I could have written your post .. Same, even with regard to divorces and current relationship.

I've wondered if it's borderline personality disorder too, but when I mention it to my gp it's just dismissed, I'm told it's just depression. I don't know ...

ProfessorPreciseaBug Tue 18-Oct-16 08:21:05

My life has been a series of failed jobs.
I never really get on with people.
I always seem to look at everything from the other side of the glass which makes it difficult to empathise with the rest of the world.
Often I get emotional and do stupid things.
Other times, I feel totally flat for no seamingly good reason.
Pushing 60 I am unlikely to ever get a reqsonably well paid job again.

But I am still alive and in reasonable health.
I have learned to live with myself and be happy for whatever I do manage.

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