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Pcos/maybe mental health?

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number277 Tue 04-Oct-16 12:34:13

Hey, not sure if this is the right place to post but just starting cbt therapy today for my angry outbursts. They can happen once a month to every 5-9 months for example. They always happen a week-a few days before my period starts. I have pcos too so am not very regular. I've been to the gp many times who says I'm just like a pressure cooker and then I blow my lid (which is exactly how it is) after my outbursts I'm embarrassed, extremely upset and regretful. But at the time I just can't seem to stop myself. I see red and just rant and rave, sometimes I throw things at the wall etc.
I've been doing some research and have seen it could be linked to pcos. "The pcos rage" I've also found things on DHEA (something to do with hormone/steroid levels. I am going to phone my gp and explain what I've found although I'll doubt I'll get anywhere with it as they seem to just Fob me off. I'm worried I'm going to destroy mine and my family's life eventually. My DP is getting sick of it as am I and I know there is only so much more he can take. (I take all my anger out on him and I don't know why) I have no supporting family. My mum just rants and raves (I'm taking a guess that this could have been an impact on how I was raised. Never been close to her or felt I could talk to her) she's always lived in the past and even now drags up things I did when I was in my early teens (15 years ago). When I've "cut" her from life before for a few months I was so much better nowhere near as angry. I haven't spoke to her now for 5 days and already feel less stressed & agitated as I do. I only have my DP for help and support who I love dearly.
I'm writing this through tears so I apologise if it's rambling and a bit confusing!

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