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Coming off Venlafaxine/Effexor

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Yourface Thu 29-Sep-16 21:10:02

I've been on a tiny dose for a number of years. It's the lowest dose they do.

I tried to come off a few years ago but stupidly went cold turkey and was so frighteningly ill I couldn't go through with it. Anyway, as I genuinely don 'T feel anxious or depressed any more and haven't for years I'm weaning myself off them....under the doctors regime, this time.

I am on day three of taking the capsule apart and taking the micro beads within (but fewer).

Anyway, physically I feel fine but have noticed myself feeling a little more anxious than usual and feeling a little less mentally strong (esteem wise). Is this normal when withdrawing? Will I go back to a stable normal. I have successfully come off anti depressants before (have been on and off them for most of my adult life), but I can't remember how I felt.

LMST Wed 05-Oct-16 12:47:39

Hi there I have come off venlafaxine before and definitely agree with your approach of doing it very gradually over time. And go easy on yourself. You might feel anxious as it's a big step to stop taking meds- maybe write down why you feel you want to come off them and what you are trying to achieve? Also maybe a little mood trying to track it. That way you can reassure yourself that if your mood genuinely is slipping you can always start taking it again?
I'm only talking from my own experience if things I found d helpful so good idea to talk it through with your nurse/doc.
Good luck hope it goes well x

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