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Why has this minor experience knocked me so much?

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Gutted2016 Thu 29-Sep-16 16:07:11

I was in a well known UK store with the baby in the pram. I had popped in to get my bro a birthday card and cake for that evening while my eldest was in his swimming lesson. I saw a cocktail mix that was a special for Christmas, it looked really nice so I quickly took a photo to send to my SIL for my xmas present.

A security guard came running over and said NO PHOTOS ALLOWED at me. I was really shocked (and still am tbh) as I have never heard this before, let alone seen anyone be stopped by security for it. I explained to him, sorry, I was just taking the photo for my SIL... he wasn't really listening and said I'd need to see the manager. Then he just walked off.

She didn't come immediately, I had to ask another lady if she was coming so I wonder partly if he said it just to intimidate me. When she did come she said that yes, there was a no photo policy in store as they have thieves that come in and take photos. So the security guard thought I was a thief then... I started crying because it was all a bit much, I'd only gone in to get a cake and a card. If I had known there was a no photo policy I wouldn't have taken the blasted thing. The manager was really apologetic and offered me a coffee but I just wanted to leave, had to get my eldest and I felt really judged.

Anyway I can't stop crying. Every time I think about it I well up. I am not someone who cries easily and I just cant understand why this has knocked me. I understand they need to be able to approach people under suspicion but I just feel so gutted that it was me under suspicion when I didn't know I wasn't supposed to be taking photos. I keep looking at my outfits and hair, and thinking, do I look a bit rough? I must have done I suppose sad I know thieves come in all shapes and sizes, I think I just need MN to reassure me that its ok to look a bit rough sometimes with a new baby without being accused of being a thief.

I have taken this all so personally.

AnxiousCarer Thu 29-Sep-16 22:30:10

Hi, big hug to you. Theives don't necessarily look rough, some dress quite smartly, I think it was you taking a picture that raised the suspicion, not whatyou look like.

jellybelly16 Fri 30-Sep-16 11:12:44

Aw sorry you feel like this. I have taken photo's of things in shops before to send to friends or whoever and never thought anything of it!! I would have been the same, mortified if i'd been given into trouble for it. Try not to worry about it though, its done and nothing you can do to change it! Hug for you x

MisterT373 Fri 30-Sep-16 12:31:21

It is more than likely to have been an overzealous security guard because face it, its easier to impose his authority over a woman with a pram than a shaven headed tattooed man. You were just in a vulnerable state and it triggered something. Its ok to look rough so don't fret over it.

Ausernotanumber Fri 30-Sep-16 12:34:23

A thief doesn't have a look. They were just applying the policy.

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