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Clothing recommendations for adults with sensory sensitivity issues

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SwirlyHair Tue 27-Sep-16 15:45:03

Hi all, whether you're on the AS spectrum, a highly sensitive person, or have any other kind of sensory sensitivity issues, I am hoping someone can recommend clothing styles which as suitable.

I've become increasingly sensitive to waistbands that dig in and jeans that cling, as well as itchy labels. However I do like wearing smooth, tight fitting vest tops under my clothes as I find this helps block other uncomfortable sensations like waistbands and labels. (My vest of choice is a cheap Primark one which I have about 15 of...) I hate bras but unfortunately have to wear one most of the time.

I am hoping to get some recommendations. I find it really hard to find clothes that are both smart and comfortable. Otherwise I'd love to wear yoga pants/baggy pyjamas bottoms all day.

My perfect outfit from a sensory perspective is really baggy pyjama bottoms with a smooth, tighter fitting top and no bra! Sadly can't wear this to the office or even to the shop.

Any ideas!?

Malermalergoni Tue 27-Sep-16 16:02:46

I am the same. Yy to primark t shirts... I have about 50. Stretchy harem type trousers (next, hush, asda). Cashmere layers(For those no bra days) Gap merino thin jumpers. Hideously expensive super soft tights with Baukjen dresses or jersey tube skirts. Loose things from cos etc. I like to accessorize with nice bags, silk scarves etc. Choosing conservative colours with a close fit makes the whole 'pyjama' look a lot more discreet!

KitKats28 Wed 28-Sep-16 16:03:28

I don't have sensory issues as such, but I'm a wheelchair user, so clothes have to be comfortable for sitting in.

Can you wear skirts? Double layer tube skirts from H&M are really good, especially if you get them slightly too big. They are cheap too. £7 I think.

I also wear long jersey (loose-ish, not clingy) dresses from H&M. They could be smartened up with a pretty scarf/cardi/jacket.

American Apparel vests and tops are good. The ones I have are seamless with no labels to irritate. They are ridiculously expensive normally, but I get them in the sale for a couple of quid.

Primark shape wear leggings don't have a waistband so don't dig in. Again, size up. Also their shape wear seamless vests if your boobs aren't too big. They do a good job of holding everything in place without a bra.

I mostly wear Genie bras from here as they are really soft and seamless.

Happy shopping 😀

FaithAscending Thu 29-Sep-16 09:08:07

I have similar issues. Lazy clothing wise I like Gap - joggers are really nice (no bunching elastic at the ankles!) and I have a cotton v-necklace top I like so much I'm going to get loads more. Smarter clothing I like to wear a dress with leggings (Peacocks leggings are my go-to for comfort).

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