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tlds123 Thu 22-Sep-16 09:29:21

So im starting to think i get really bad mental pmt. every months around a week after ovulation all the way up to my period being due i feel extreamly low.
Im not in the best relationship in that we have our fair share of problems but they all seem manageable and easy to work on until i hit pmt week then i literally feel like i want to walk out. We have children.. Young children who are my world... All month i am patient with them and enjoy spending time with them. Pmt week i get much more short tempered..and then emotional with them because i feel like me and my other half are going to break up and destroy their lives in the process.
It effects my relationship with everyone. I start over analysing everything. Thinkig ppl are beig bitchy or cliquey or dont like me. I struggle to put myself out there and be happy and approachable during this week though.

Just dunno how to manage it at all :-((

Lazymumof2 Sun 02-Oct-16 11:48:07

I get this.

I focus on my body - i.e. there being more of it due to me pigging out and drinking far too much!

It passes but I think I do lean towards being depressed generally. In fact I know I do.

I don't manage it - I wait for it to pass.

Are you feeling any better today?

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