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Some help me

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Babycat70 Sun 11-Sep-16 12:46:07

I'm new and trying to get answers I posted under legal but think this is wrong. I have esa support group and DLA middle care higher mobility. I suffer Spondylolthesis Degenerative Spine disease in constant pain with Neuropathy Pain in both legs on opioid x 2 in wheelchair outside stick inside have stair lift from ot assessment and wet room with toilet aids husband carer 24/7. I have borderline Personality Disorder depression OCD Anxiety panic attacks socially anxiety self harm fatigue insomnia agrophobia Ulcerative Colitis Foliate Deficiency Lichen sclerosis oral Lichen Planus diabetes recurrent kidney infections. I've never been asked for face to face assessment as old GP done forms and but left and GP who filled it out hadn't even met me. Sent loads of psychiatrist letters pain consultant letters. Anyway got letter on Friday and crashed. Went to GP who referred me to psychiatrist. Psychiatrist is doing letter stating im too unwell to attend appointment and it would be dangerous and harmful gor me to be put in work related group. I only came walk with pain upto 12 feet. My GP is also doing letter to back psychiatrist up now he has witnessed how I was on Friday. Can they make me go? I'm self harming and don't know what do ? My psychiatrist has worked with me for two years and I do some crafting ie baby picture prints at home for therapeutic reasons but I only go out to doctors and hospital and parents. Can they make me go I'm self harming and don't know what to do

MaisieDotes Sun 11-Sep-16 12:51:13

Sorry you're struggling. What an awful lot to have to deal with flowers

I'm afraid I can't help with your question but you might be better off moving your post to the mental health topic?

Someone there might have experience of your situation.

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