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Depression help

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nataliemej Wed 07-Sep-16 11:06:19

Hi I was diagnosed with depression about 4 years ago and have been taking citalopram at my worst I was on 40mg, in Feb this year I managed to wean my self off pills and I have felt OK since, then out of nowhere my depression has hit me slap bang in the face again, it's embarrassing I started crying at work yesterday for no reason, I took a 20mg citalopram before I went to bed and it kept me awake all night and I couldn't stop peeing I woke up every hour to go to the loo so I feel even worse today now,

I feel like my depression is never going to go and this is going to be my life now I feel at rock bottom and no one understands, please don't slate me I just wanted to get my feelings out and let other people in the same boat know they're not alone

rumred Wed 07-Sep-16 12:54:52

sorry youre feeling so crap. has there been something happen thats triggered it? maybe you need to look at counselling or therapy to get to the reasons for your depression, or revisit if the issues are resurfacing.

also change the time you take the meds so it doesnt affect your sleep, although when youre down/depressed sleep does usually become more difficult for all of us

hae you talked to friends/family about how terrible things are for you?

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