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Losing weight while on antipsychotics

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bellend123 Mon 05-Sep-16 16:15:22

Hi there, I'm on zuclopenthixol depot injection just now, and I've spent the last couple of years on antipsychotic medication.
During this time I've put on five stones in weight and have gone from a size 8 to a size 16 :-(.
I'm wondering if anybody has lost weight while on antipsychotic drugs and if they could share their experience with me.

bellend123 Tue 06-Sep-16 10:17:24


bellend123 Wed 07-Sep-16 20:45:34


user1473282350 Wed 07-Sep-16 22:14:19

I have.

It took a while though and initially I put on weight. I am taking Olanzapine for severe PTSD. It is an antipsychotic and is known to cause pretty horrendous weight gain. My GP was actually worried about it enough that he raised it with me before I started taking it, but I was so unwell that I didn’t really care. A few months and several KGs later when I was starting to feel better I started caring.

If you can afford it - book a block of sessions with a personal trainer in your area, or outside your area. I purposefully chose one that works outdoors so I was getting the benefit of being outdoors and also so I didn’t have to pay for expensive gym membership. I asked to focus on becoming confident at jogging / running and also exercises that I could do myself and carry on with it by myself - I just needed the kick start to get going.

I joined a local (women’s) running club which runs two or three times a week.

I started to eat off smaller plates and bowls - and I also completely changed my diet so that it included lots of fresh berries, green vegetables, smoothies and nuts. I drank more water (I have a pint as soon as I wake up), and I gradually cut out all processed foods and foods that had added sugar in them. I eat now mostly fresh fruit, vegetables and good quality meat.

I quit alcohol and smoking.

Also, I use the free stuff I see offered - like our local crossfit gym has a free week offer going on at the moment so I’ve booked to go and do four sessions with them next week.

I try to walk in the evenings to unwind, which helps me fall asleep easier as well. Apparently stress and lack of sleep interfere with weight loss.

I’m losing about a kg a week, and now I am in a routine it’s much easier to stick to. It was quite hard to find something that worked for me. Good luck!

Muddledupme Wed 07-Sep-16 23:33:00

I am about to start as I'm on quetiapine and fluoxetine and baclofen and pregabalin and have only just started to feel able to tackle it. I struggle with wanting to stop taking meds to get my weight down but have to keep saying to myself it's fat or mad

bellend123 Thu 08-Sep-16 09:39:58

Thank you for your posts. User that sounds really encouraging. I've been on olanzapine before, it is awful for weight gain, well done for losing weight. Muddledupme I also struggle with the idea of talking medication and am always thinking of stopping it to lose some weight but I also don't want to become really ill again. I wish you good luck with your weight loss.

Stuffragette Fri 09-Sep-16 09:40:39

God I am desperate to stop gaining weight on these bloody drugs. I have gone from a 6/8 to 12/14 and I hate it so so much. I am on anti psychotics too. But I feel better in my head

user1473282350 Fri 09-Sep-16 10:25:43

I also have been the times when I wanted to stop taking my medication because of the weight gain side effects. I am seriously lucky that this was the only side effect I had (apart from the first week where I spent the entire time in bed, mostly sleeping).

I try to hold on to the fact that the quality of life I have now is a million times improved than when I was ill. When I was unwell I couldn't even do a simple task like go to a bookshop and chose a book because the voices couldn't decide which book they wanted. My day was a constant internal argument of whether I should be wearing the black adult marks and spencers knickers or the nemo pants, or the superman boxer shorts, or why not go commando so everyone inside my head just shuts up for five minutes. I couldn't hold a conversation with anyone because I was already in a serious conversation inside my head.

Doing anything that remotely involved decisions or choices about lifestyle or living well was a serious challenge. I used to love running, cycling and climbing, but I couldn't stand the fact that the quiet led to me to fully be inside my own head so I wasn't doing them. Now that I feel better, my voices are manageable and mostly in agreement with each other and myself, I can actually enjoy things again.

I try to remember that when I am thinking about coming off my medication.

(I do still where my superman boxers on some days...)

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