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Eye floaters - how to cope!

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CorrinaW Mon 05-Sep-16 11:19:54

I know that a number of people have posted on this subject recently. I have had floaters for years and was absolutely fine with them. Saw them but didn't 'see' them if that makes sense, as my brain disregarded them. Unfortunately I accidentally came across someone's post on here in April when looking for something else, which really make me start thinking about them and focusing on them. As a result, since May I have developed severe anxiety over them and see them all the time whereas before, I looked through them and didn't think about them so didn't see them. I am having CBT which is expensive but hoping it will work. Please would anyone who has floaters let me know how they cope and if anyone lives in Kent, it would be great to meet up with a fellow 'floater' as none of my friends have them and I feel so alone!

olderthanyouthink Mon 05-Sep-16 20:20:43

Hey, I have them too (and some MH issues) but they don't bother me like they do you.

You can talk to me if you like?smile

CorrinaW Tue 06-Sep-16 10:20:10

That would be great. PM me your number! Do you live in the Kent area? I would like to be able to meet up with people with the same thing as I feel a bit isolated although strangely, my boss who is 60 suddenly developed a large black 'jelly fish' a month ago and isn't bothered by it at all! I suppose some people deal with irritants better than others.

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