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mum issues

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moomie76 Sat 03-Sep-16 18:04:02

long story I'm 40 have four kids I have bipolar so things are hard enough my mum has always been critical of me and my childhood wasn't great my older brother lived with dad I lived with mum my stepdad was a bully (shes still with him) called me names threatened me basically scared me silly hit me generally made me feel like I was worthless i have a younger brother who is my mums and stepdads my mum just stood back and let him get on with . I left home at 16 I had a frosty relationship with my mother and a bit of relationship with my father who was always working so didn't have time for me . I had my first child at 21 I didn't cope well so my mother helped and tried to take over and she did this right up until I had my next child at 24 and then walked away as she didn't like my husband now divorced and re married basically didn't have much to do with them and as my dad was always busy it was the same so that's a little bit of my life to explain some of it I have fell out with my mum several times but I try to keep some sort of relationship with her I go and see her when I'm well as bipolar makes me down and not wanting to leave the house problem is she doesn't come to my house well she hasn't for 6 years she goes to my older brothers goes out to dinner with them and family stuff they get invited to i do not she is very critical of everything and constantly puts me down and when we speak to each other on the phone she never asks how I am etc and talks about her life and how hard everything is and as soon as I mentioned something about my life she has to go but I never ask her for help or my dad I haven't seen my mum since October but 3 weeks ago she came to very near where I live less than a mile to see her ex sister in law and didn't come see me or ask me to meet her or see kids nothing then rings me and I'm forms me 3 days later I didn't say anything but I'm really hurt and disappointed I feel I'm not good enough and have been avoiding phone calls etc since so I don't have to talk to her because of my bipolar disorder I wonder if I'm over reacting but I really can't see the benefit of her being in my life as she always makes me feel bad and she doesn't see the kids but i do love her looking for advice thank you in advance xx

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