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How should you look after your mental health?

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StMary Thu 01-Sep-16 17:53:01

My PIL are early 60s and are both suffering from anxiety and depression, quite severely at times. FIL also is mildly ocd. It's stopping them doing things like driving and going to busy(ish) places (supermarket, social gatherings). BIL also suffered a breakdown during his mid-30s which may have been a result of long-term cannabis use and (alleged) childhood sexual abuse.

They are all seeking help but improvements aren't really happening. DH doesn't want to get involved and they don't share much so we all seem to be in this weird place of just accepting that this is how things are for them.

That's all another thread though I guess. What I'm concerned about is that it looks like MH issues run in DH's family and he can be ocd at checking things like taps, locks, lids etc though he and I both agree that this is probably a result of learned behaviour from PIL... Not sure... Anyway... I'd like to understand more about anything he/we can do now (mid-30s) to keep our mental health in good shape and avoid (if that's even possible) suffering as the ILs have. I know how we can look after ourselves physically, but what's the equivalent of "good diet and exercise" for good mental wellbeing?

dietborebingo Thu 01-Sep-16 17:55:43

Don't drink alcohol or caffeine. Eat veggies and fruit daily. Get out into the fresh air every day. Enjoy the sunshine. Avoid food that makes you feel sluggish.

blue2014 Thu 01-Sep-16 18:04:59

Many mental health problems stem for difficult childhood experiences, there is not a lot you can do to stop them if they've already happened.

Otherwise, develop a form of relaxation (deep breathing, walking, meditation etc), check in with your emotions daily, notice your thoughts when you feel bad and question them, engage in activities you care about and with people you love, get a sense of achievement out something, have someone to talk to, avoid excessive alcohol or drug use.

dangermouseisace Thu 01-Sep-16 20:03:55

most people I know say exercise is pretty essential to maintaining mental health. Running, horse riding and walking seem to be ones that keep coming up. Being part of something that isn't work- a sports team/club, book club, choir whatever.
Alcohol in moderation, stay away from drugs obviously, do things that are fun as well as things that 'need done'.

Not that I can talk having shite MH at present! But I'd say exercise and being part of something are things that are particularly beneficial in times of crisis. Routine, fresh air and socialising.

StMary Thu 01-Sep-16 20:21:26

Thanks all. Food for thought. It seems like keeping engaged with life and people will help....

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