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if you are adhd aspergers bipolar (female) please share some experiences?

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tropicalstorm Wed 31-Aug-16 21:13:17

I have an appointment next week that I've been begging for for about 20 years.. and more so the past 2/3 since having DD, have been passed around the health service like a pinball. Bit worried I'll blow it by not being able to properly articulate myself.

So far, when I got to meet with one psychologist about a year ago they used 3 words with me - adhd, aspergers, bipolar, things I 'might' have. But I didn't feel like I answered the questions right in the appointment.. I'm trying to find articles and bits on forums this time that I can take as examples

Through reading so far I can see I could easily have traits from adhd, and aspergers - maybe less bipolar (no psychotic episodes)

Just wondering whether any women on here can describe their experiences with one or more of these - adhd, aspergers, bipolar, for example in different situations - school, work, relationships, so I can understand the difference

pinkdonkey Thu 01-Sep-16 22:05:43

A lot of mental health conditions have an overlap of symptoms making diagnosis difficult even for the proffessionals. They are trained to assess you and make their diagnosis, its not an exam that you need to study for. Just answer their questions honestly.

UntidyAn0n Thu 01-Sep-16 22:15:13

Look up on Facebook
The girl with the curly hair/curly hair project.
Lots of good aspergers female poster/meme type things. You may relate to them

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