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Would this help

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jellybelly16 Tue 30-Aug-16 20:15:31

I posted on another board about my oh/friend who having a tough time with his mh just now. He's on citalopram & waiting for cbt.. He's on a right downer just now, saying he wants to be alone when i asked to see him but when i said ok we'll take a break from things he says he doesn't want that!! He can't help the way he is just now.. Was going to suggest that the next time he sees his nurse to ask if i can go along to see how best to help him through this etc is this something you think i should suggest? Would this be of benefit do you think? We've known each other over 2 year and he's suffered this just a year. I don't know the right thing to do, i would hate to just walk away and he thinks its coz of his mh but he makes it really hard for me to stick around... Sorry for such a long post.x

AnxiousCarer Tue 30-Aug-16 21:16:42

That sounds like a really good idea if he is ok with it. It can be hard work supporting someone with mental health problems and depression can be draining for all concerned. Often its the little things that make a big difference, a chat, a cup of tea, coking him a nice meal even a text can mean the world. Just doing normal day to day things can be really helpful. How long has he been on antidepressants? It can take a few weeks to see any effect and months to get maximum effect.

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