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Combined pill? Any success stories for PMDD?

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stripeyshoesy Tue 30-Aug-16 16:27:41

I'm 40 and suffering.

A few years ago I had PND, which was purely hormonal.
I reacted extremely badly to three different antidepressants.

Subsequently found that using Evorel50mgs oestrogen for a week before my period cured the plunging low mood and anxiety/insomnia.
Couldn't believe it, but it was the cure for me.

Now, a few years later, the "bad" week is lasting most of the month (more than PMDD I guess by now) and I'm barely getting through the days. I'm getting sweats, sleep is horrid, I'm shaky, having lots of crying meltdowns. It feels like the PND, there are no other explanations for it, no stress, no issues, life is (should be) good right now. I'm living like a hermit and nothing I do is helping.

I've done CBT, mindfulness, counselling etc, my issue is hormonal and out of my control. Therapy and supplements won't fix it.

I tried a progestogen only pill before and it sent me totally off the scale with anxiety.

Has anyone had any success "flattening" hormonal spikes with the combined Pill?

I wish I could just take an antidepressant and some oestrogen and feel somewhat normal again. But I can't and don't have another year of my life to lose trying various antidepressants like I did last time (I lost my career then too)

So, is the combined pill an option? Can it suppress the wild ups and downs in my hormones? My GP is clueless and offered me Inderal. I'm looking to go to someone else who will actually listen to what I'm saying and not fob me off.

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