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Anxiety - emetophobia - anyone else??

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laura1987 Mon 29-Aug-16 20:58:52

Hi. Im new here. Im just wondering if anyone else suffers with anxiety relating to emetophobia? I have 3 children and the anxiety definately became worse after my 3rd child was born 10 months ago. Does anyone have any self help techniques?

Nicolajane89 Sun 11-Sep-16 15:07:37

Hi Laura

I just came across your post. Sorry I didn't see it sooner. I too suffer awful emetephobia. I've not been sick in over 20 years and every year the phobia gets worse. I'm currently hiding out in one room with my daughter petrified my partner has a bug. He's been sick 4 times in 12 hours but has no other bug symptoms. I've just been researching hypnotherapy for this as I'm fed up of this phobia now. Are you ok ? X

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