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Socially anxious or annoying behaviour

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Blossomblast Fri 26-Aug-16 19:04:16

.. Or a bit of both

Basically, I think I annoy people. I have friends and am told I'm sociable but feel I struggle to make new friends and do tend to only try with people who have 'issues' as I've never felt I fit in with 'normal' sorted people.

Things I probably do which annoy people- talk too much, hyperactive sometimes, hyper emotional, hypersensitive, also likely disorganised attachment so perhaps confusing for people, arrogant sometimes maybe as defence

seem to have a lot of dysfunctional friendships and relationships and can't work out if it's me, or the people I'm keeping in with, or more likely bit of both.. Or if I expect too much from people / friendships, maybe I'm too intense

Have asked closest friends and they say I'm likeable and they don't know why people would dislike me or if they do. My sister who I'm close with said I should keep better company / branch out. But when I try generally feel like people back away. I also back away sometimes if people are trying to make friends with me as it scares me. Perhaps I try too hard as I'm anxious about this issue and have been for a long time.

Find myself in the situation of wondering if people around me are unreasonable/ difficult or if it's me or if people in general are just a bit like that and I have unrealistic expectations. Realise it's hard to answer without specifics but if anyone else recognises this kind of thinking would love to explore / exchange specifics and ideas

LittleMissSunbeam Sat 27-Aug-16 10:37:23

Hi, maybe you are overthinking due to anxiety. Enjoy the friends that make you feel happy and force yourself to accept invites from new friendship groups even if it's the last thing you feel like doing! Most of all, don't be so hard on yourself smile

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