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Anxiety - how do you cope?

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EstellaHavisham Thu 25-Aug-16 11:52:27

I have been suffering with anxiety for about the past year or two.
Nothing I can think triggered it to begin with. I seem to wake up feeling like someone has peeled two layers of skin off me.
I am snappy with everyone I come across (family, work colleagues) and my memory is terrible which causes further frustration/snappiness.
I tried citalopram and also sertaline (sp) which killed my libido and caused a load more anxiety.
I don't want to do anti-depressants.
What works for you if you suffer with this?

TeaRexit Thu 25-Aug-16 18:59:48

I dont think you would benefit from the Anti-depressants you mentioned, I guess it would be a medication needed to reduce anxiety rather than depression.

Firstly I would make an appt with the G.P. for guidance with the next step.

eleven59 Thu 25-Aug-16 19:30:01

Paroxetine is supposed to be good for anxiety

EstellaHavisham Thu 25-Aug-16 21:16:31

I've got some beta blockers and they seemed to help but nowadays not so much.

hiccupgirl Fri 26-Aug-16 07:52:17

I've just started pregabalin for anxiety after refusing to take sertraline as I'm not depressed, I just have out of control anxiety. Mine has been brought on by things that have happened over the past 3 years. The last month in particular has been awful with massive panic attacks and constant racing thoughts. I'm seeing a counsellor and I do all the breathing exercises, mindfulness etc but none of these have been bringing it down anymore.

I only started the pregabalin last night after seeing my GP again yesterday and I have to say I feel very calm this morning. I haven't felt calm and relaxed like this for a very, very long time tbh. Obviously it's too early to know if it will continue or if I'll get side effects but I'm liking this calm feeling.

EstellaHavisham Fri 26-Aug-16 18:47:34

Hiccupgirl this Pregabalin sounds a better option for me than the beta blockers. Have the racing thoughts stopped or improved?

I agree with you that anti-depressants are no good for me as I'm not depressed. I'm anxious.

hiccupgirl Fri 26-Aug-16 21:36:43

I've def been calmer today. When thoughts have popped up I've been able to ignore them and just let them fade rather than them going round and round, over and over. This is a massive improvement as it's been awful over the last couple of weeks. It's kind of like the anxiousness, restlessness and racing thoughts have been turned right down and I feel like I used to over 3 years ago before it all started up.

I'm taking pill 2 tonight. I'm hoping to be less headachy/hungover tomorrow but tbh I can cope with a headache for a reduction in feeling anxious all the time. I'm taking 50mg a day and I've got to back to my GP in 2 weeks time so she can review it.

I know what you mean about not feeling depressed. I have loads of things I want to do and get on with but had all been blocked by the anxiety and panic.

TheEdgeIsNigh Sat 27-Aug-16 09:16:22

Glad I found this thread. I have constant anxiety. More recently it's turned into health anxiety which is new for me!
Yesterday I ended up at local hospital due to persistent heart palpitations. Felt instantly better after going there but today I just don't want to move. Not ideal with 3 kids in the house! I'm scared to take any meds as I k ow they make you feel awful for a while. Mi need to kick this. It's ruining mine and the kids' lives. I'm a snappy pain in the ass most of the time!

EstellaHavisham Sat 27-Aug-16 11:34:48

Hiccup I'm so glad you're feeling better. It's hellish isn't it?
Was it difficult to get pregabalin prescribed? I sometimes feel like I have to argue my case with the GP to get any help.

Edgels I'm so sorry you're going through this too. Meds might make you feel awful but you're feeling awful anyway so what do you have to lose? (that's how I try and look at it anyway)

Wolfiefan Sat 27-Aug-16 11:36:59

I try and reason my way out of the anxiety. I give myself a bit of a talking to! Doesn't always work.

hiccupgirl Sat 27-Aug-16 14:58:48

Estella it was my GP who suggested it. I was supposed to have started taking sertraline alongside diazepam after I'd seen her 2 weeks ago in a complete state. Basically I took 1 diazepam and calmed down massively. Then I was off on holiday and didn't want possible side effects, including worse anxiety, to ruin my time away so I took diazepam when I needed to - not a lot tbh as my worst panic attacks are from driving or being a passenger on motorways. DH drove and I only took 4 diazepam over the week. Explained this to my GP who suggested the pregabalin instead as neither of us felt I was depressed.

I did feel very hangovery this morning after the second one but still much calmer than before.

Wolfie when I'm in a not so bad place, I can talk myself out of it and use lots of techniques to bring it down but recently the anxiety and panic has been untouchable unfortunately.

hiccupgirl Sat 10-Sep-16 16:42:44

To update I had to stop taking the pregabalin after 3 days as it was making me feel really sick and dizzy and I couldn't focus my thoughts at all.

I'm now trying a very low dose of amitriptilene which I have had before. Doesn't do a massive amount for my anxiety but does help me sleep which then makes it easier for me to control the anxiety at least.

starsandstripes2016 Sat 10-Sep-16 16:56:55

I have been 'managing' anxiety since my second child now 15. With the benefit of hindsight, I am inclined to think it not unreasonable to feel this way with the pressures on working mothers. It's just too much to manage day in day out for years and it's not a recent phenomenon. In the 1970s women were being prescribed Valium to get through.

I think I am beginning to come out the other side (minus any drugs), just feeling I have been a good enough mother (and I have been found wanting and continue to be) and my kids are alive and living a 'flawed' life but I am not required to be so invested in their day to day needs and that's reduction in anxiety triggers

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