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Help me get through autumn and winter!

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FurryTurnip Mon 22-Aug-16 08:04:25

It's been a very long time since I have been on this thread, it was 18 months ago when I was starting taking Sertraline for anxiety and depression. Safe to say the tablets changed (and probably saved) my life.

I am now in the process of coming off them. It's ok so far but I am finding really anxious about getting through the autumn and winter which is when I always have a massive slump into depression.

What are your tips for self preservation and survival if not on ADs?

My plans include:

Eating well
Lots of fresh air, sunlight and exercise (love walking and live in lovely area to do it)
At least 1 morning or afternoon a week completely to myself, in silence, to do nothing
Maybe take a meditation class

Any other things that have worked for others to get them through the bleak months? (Apart from a good nights sleep which will never happen in this house!)

Thanks all!

SloanePeterson Mon 22-Aug-16 08:10:24

I got myself a UV sunlamp last winter as she said (very diplomatically!) that he could see the winter affects my mood. It does seem to work, I tend to put it on if I'm reading or sat doing some work. I really struggle with the cold too, tbh I spend most of the year freezing, which means getting outside isn't fun for me in winter. Invest in some ugg boots and a down coat and you'll be all set, I'm still freezing all the time but nowhere near as bad as I used to be. Having quiet days is a good idea too. My littlest is about to start school and I'm dreading the quiet as I find it really difficult to just 'be' as thats when my anxiety creeps in. I've said to a friend whose son is also starting school that I'll join the gym with her but I've just found out I'm pregnant so am now torn on whether to do it. I know it would be beneficial (I tend to absolutely stack on weight in pregnancy which in turn makes me really low) so I'm really trying to talk myself into it. Failing that, I'm praying for a really long indian summer wink

SloanePeterson Mon 22-Aug-16 08:10:55

*dh not she

Lottapianos Mon 22-Aug-16 08:13:30

Hi Furry. I struggle so much with the lack of light through the winter, it's miserable. It's really important to look after yourself. Your list sounds great. I take Vitamin D3 and Omega 3 6 9 pills too - both supposed to help with depression and with boosting immunity. Getting up on dark mornings is really tough so I buy some lovely smelly shower gels to perk me up first thing, and plan some nice breakfasts to have at home. Nice scented candles to light in the evening. I plan box sets, films and TV shows that I want to watch. And I make a list of stuff I actually enjoy about Autumn and Winter (apple crumble, mashed potato, berry coloured nails, new woolly socks etc) and stick it on my kitchen wall so I can see it every day smile

FurryTurnip Mon 22-Aug-16 08:31:22

Thanks Sloane. I have been thinking about a UV lamp, good to know you find it useful. My DS also starting school this year, and in contrast to you it may be the thing that saves me as I can get some peace and quiet. Joining a gym sounds like a good plan, even if you just walk gently on the treadmill, have a swim then a coffee and a chat with your friend. You've got to do whatever you can to get through it.

Lotta your list sounds lovely, if you haven't already seen it you should read the 'looking forward to Autumn' thread! I do love autumn in theory, for all those reasons, but when endless rain and gloom kicks in I start to sink.

I will definitely look into the vitamin supplement, and get some lovely grapefruity shower gel to pretend it's summer!

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