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Fluoxatine for PMS

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Dizzapea Thu 18-Aug-16 20:10:48

Over the last few months I've noticed my general anxiety levels increasing. I've always been an anxious person in general and this bour is nothinh horrendous...right up until a week-10days before my period. Not only am I anxious, but I'm emotional, angry, withdrawn, really tired and headachey. Went to the doctors yesterday to ask for a bit of advice and maybe a contraceptive pill to help as also het painful and heavy periods 3 out of 4 months.

Doctor said they were 2 seperate issues and is sending me for scans and blood tests for the heavy periods and offered councilling or drugs for anxiety. Generally the anxiety is kinda manageable. Feel like talking to someone would be pointless. Wouldnt give me a contraceptive as combined pill is too risky for me and mini pill can make moods worse. She seemed dead keen to prescribe me drugs for the anxiety though. I was reluctant until she said it definitely should help with my mood swings.

Ive got home and read that it can be good for pms but im still quite reluctant to medicate myself up with ADs because i feel im not in too bad a place at the moment and really at a loss as to what to do. Anyone been in similar circumstances?

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