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Where do I start to get help?

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Needfinsnow Wed 17-Aug-16 22:01:55

Hello! So I have been coming to the conclusion over the past year or so...I really, really need some help from doctors with my constant sadness / loneliness / depression? How do I begin to get it? What do I say to the receptionist when booking an appointment? What will the dr recommend? I'm a single mum with a whole heap of horrible years previous and mistakes / deaths / disfunctional family life. Where do I even begin with telling the dr what's wrong with me?

BrainEater Thu 18-Aug-16 06:23:56

Maybe it would be good to ask if you can have a double appointment, so you don't feel rushed. Do the receptionists always ask what it's for? The ones at my surgery never do, only how soon you need to be seen. But if they do ask, you can say you'd rather discuss it with the doctor, or if you like you can just say "depression" - at least a third of GPs' time is used for mental health problems, probably more (I can't remember the latest figures), and it's so, so normal for GPs and receptionists they won't think anything of it at all. Some people, if they feel they really have to, tell a little white lie… ("sore throat", "skin problems", anything)

They can usually offer lifestyle suggestions - like advice on physical activity, sleep, nutrition - or they might suggest some kind of therapy (but the waiting lists are looong) and there are medication options.

In terms of telling them, lots of people seem to find it helpful to write a few things down that they want to mention. What you're particularly struggling with, the way you feel - but GPs are very experienced with depression and should know the right questions to ask smile

I hope it goes well smile

FindingNemo99 Thu 18-Aug-16 06:50:54

Agree with Brain - there should be no need to tell the Receptionist why you want to see the Dr, none of their business and also write a few things down which will help you when you get an appointment, how long it's been going on, how you've been feeling etc

So sorry you've been feeling like this and please ring the surgery today to make your appointment - just doing this will make you feel more positive

Wishing you well and hope you get the support you need flowers

ihatethecold Thu 18-Aug-16 06:54:16

Don't worry op.
Go see your GP, you won't be asked why and if they did ask just say it's personal.

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