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WS12 Tue 16-Aug-16 20:42:46

Hi, I just wondered if any one else feels like me and what I can do about it

I am feeling really lonely at the minute, I guess if I'm honest with myself I've felt lonely for a long time. I work part time but am off for the summer holidays at the moment and won't be going back to my job as we are emigrating (I am excited for this and nervous!). I have two gorgeous children 3 and a 1 year old and a lovely hubby.

I feel that I am on my own with the kids nearly all of the time. My hubby works 10 hours a day and with commuting etc he's gone basically 11 hours a day morning till night. I don't have any friends, I'd say I have three friends but two haven't met my daughter who is 18 months old ???? And the other works a lot and does part time modelling and has a partner and is generally busy ( I don't think I have any friends really, reading that statement back). I have messaged her twice about meeting up but nothing planned yet. I have a sister and a niece, but she's also at work and we do do things on her days off like soft play and the park. Apart from them I have my mam and dad (but they're off enjoying their retirement and good for them!) so I'm kind of lost some days. I have felt like this maybe for the last year. I just feel that when I take them anywhere I'm always on my own and I miss company and a chat. I love my children to pieces but I crave adult company. Why do I feel like this? My husband was having a day off tomorrow and he text me earlier to say he was working over time and I cried. I actually cried because I was so looking forward to a family day out. I'm worried I'm depressed as this has been going on for some time, my feelings of loneliness. I never felt lonely after having my son, but I have felt lonely since having my daughter.

What can I do about this? Am I just being daft? I want someone to be close to and have a laugh with and have fun. I also know my days in England are running out and I want us to enjoy them. I have resolved to go for a day out with the kids on my own tomorrow. I was only at the park yesterday with my mam and dad. But I still feel lonely? Help!

hazeimcgee Wed 17-Aug-16 01:10:10

It does sound like you could have pnd or similar and so i'd say speak to your GP. Might be worth trying to get the ball rolling before you move.

Have you tried local play groups etc to meet other mom's?

When you mlve abroad have you any family or friends there? Does everyone soeak English? Might be worth looking ahead at where you can go to meet other adults over there too before you get there xx

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