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Anxiety on holiday

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Arcadia Tue 16-Aug-16 17:50:11

Does anyone else get this? Am just away with DD for a few nights in a seaside town. After the first couple of evenings away anxiety seems to set in. Not anxious about anything happening, just the physical lurching in my stomach and feeling a bit unreal. Going home tomorrow so no reason at all to be anxious. what is wrong with me?!

fairydustandpixies Wed 17-Aug-16 10:02:19

Hi Arcadia, I'm so sorry you feel this way and also empathise. Whenever I've taken my two DS on holiday (I'm a single parent), I regularly have anxiety and panic attacks. I keep a tin of Rescue Remedy pastilles in my car and when I get really stressed and my heart is racing, I eat those. Probably all in my mind, but they do calm me down! Please try and enjoy your holiday, such precious times and memories made.

Arcadia Wed 17-Aug-16 17:42:58

Thanks fairydust the feelings went away a bit once I was out. I find being busy is better than trying to 'chill', am not very good at relaxing! I am not a single parent but have renewed respect for them having done this trip on my own, doing all the driving, all the planning etc. And not having even a minute to yourself! However in some ways easier without another adult to deal with!

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