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Please help me help DH

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Babytalkobsession Mon 08-Aug-16 10:47:29

Hello, I've not posted here before. I don't have mental health issues myself but my DH is really struggling. I was hoping, if I can briefly outline the issues someone might point us in the best direction for help?

Ok, background. DH's mother suffers from anxiety, occasional bouts of pretty extreme psychosis & paranoia, she made a few suicide attempts over the years, and suffered with severe PND (admitted). DH & his bro were brought up with MIL as main influence as FIL worked long hours and they lived away from other family. Her struggles have clearly affected the way DH & his brother process things.

DH is lovely. Funny, kind, caring, great dad etc. he didn't cope well at uni (his depression spiralled and he dropped out) but eventually a few years later found a job that he has kept ever since (10 years now!) and he has grown a successful client base and earns a good salary / well respected by his boss.

So he can function well day to day if that makes sense.

However, in certain situations outside his comfort zone he just falls apart. Eg if we go to a wedding he struggles to eat, talk etc. it takes him days to get out of the fog after the event and he needs to sleep a lot to recover. It's the same with holidays with friends, stag dos / nights out, he tried to go along to the local cricket team to try out - same. He describes it as thinking through mud. He's vague / slow in these situations - physically & mentally. He says he just feels completely worthless and it seems he has a dialogue going on in his head that people are laughing at him, think he's odd etc. It's like as soon as we're in a social situation he turns on himself. This often leads to him drinking too much which doesn't help.

He had psychoanalysis therapy for quite some time in early 20s and dabbled with cbt.

Anyone with experience of this? Advise on what therapy / approach might help?

Thank you.

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