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Someone convince me to go to the doctor

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LilyC121 Mon 01-Aug-16 10:56:22

I posted some threads last night. Basically my moods everywhere has been for years and I'm self harming with thoughts of ending it but also have manic behaviour. Assuming bipolar due to big family history of it.

I said I would get an urgent appointment at the doctors today but I don't have the courage. What if it's a man doctor?
What if I'm not I'll just crazy?
What if they try to tell me I have depression when I don't think I do?
What if they think I'm lying about suffering with this for years?
What if they don't listen to anything I say?
What if I turn up looking so crazy that they call social services?

I feel that for my babies sake I need to not go and protected them from social services but on the other hand I feel like for their sake I need to go

I don't know what to do I am broken

helensburgh Mon 01-Aug-16 11:00:00

Can you phone and ask for a telephone consult with a female Dr or ask for emergency appt.
Many hugs xccc

allloveknows Mon 01-Aug-16 11:01:42

My gp has always told me that the people who worry that they are crazy never are. Truly crazy people believe they are sane.

I have been to my GP in every state under the sun - absolutely hysterical, unable to speak, pouring blood from self harm wounds I made in the waiting room, with a bag containing my suicide method.... Right through to appearing totally fine, exceedingly happy etc.

He has never once doubted me or anything I have said. He has always believed me, no matter how 'crazy' I think I sound.

Yours will be the same. Just go. Xx

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