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Ideas to make new friends?

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UnicornPee Sat 30-Jul-16 19:46:05

I'm posting here today as I'm having a very bad day. I would say I'm probably depressed but never admitted it or seen anyone about it.

It all stems from being shy and having no friends. My own fault really, I'm crap at keeping up a friendship. All my school friends moved away. Work friends have their own close friends. I have a small family that isn't close.
My boyfriend lives away 5 days a week. On his days off I'm at work.

This is my birthday weekend and I'm spending it at home.

It's come to a point I need to do something about it. I'll be 33 tomorrow and don't want another 33 years of being a loner.

How can i make new friends? When I google it it just comes up with dating sites! Or stuff hundreds of miles away.

How can I hold a conversation with someone without shying away?

Any advice or experience would help me, thank you in advance x

Elllicam Sat 30-Jul-16 19:53:37

Whereabouts are you? What kind of things do you like to do? Could you take a class or join a group?

ILoveAGoodBrusselSprout Sat 30-Jul-16 19:55:41

Have a look at

You can register, then tailor it to things you are interested in - anything: cycling, business, socialising, you name it. Then it tells you of local groups you may be interested in joining. You can also start your own if there's nothing that takes your fancy. It's def not a dating site, although there will be groups for that too.

I always think it's easier to have a conversation with someone new when you are already busy with an activity. You can talk about the activity and if there's a silence you can fill it by being 'busy' with what you're doing.

Be smiley, say hi, let people see how warm you are and conversation will come. It takes a while to build up friendships but maybe after a couple of weeks you could invite someone for a coffee or drink afterwards and take it from there

dangermouseisace Sun 31-Jul-16 09:58:31

if you can sort of jog running groups/clubs are good. They tend to go at chatting pace and it's good if you're shy as you talk while not often looking at the other person- it's less intense. Of course, other fitness activities walking/cycling etc are available. I was put off for years as I thought everyone would be athletic...not the case.

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