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Looking back and realising how bad things were

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sooperdooper Fri 29-Jul-16 09:14:06

Has anyone else got to a stage where they can look back objectively at their own behaviour and realised they were probably having some real mh issues at that time?

There's a history of mh problems in my family, my mum and both her sisters are bipolar, my sister suffers from depression, my brother had an episode of depression once but largely seems ok

Looking back at a particular time I was out of control and recognise now a lot of bipolar traits in myself - massive over spending and 'big ideas', sex obsessed, drinking far too much.

At the time I lived alone and think that kept a lot of it hidden from people, but now I'm a bit scared by how I was and how to look after myself because I've never spoken to anyone about it, and wonder if I should see my GP, or if I'd be wasting their time

Sorry if that's all a bit rambly, I feel like I'm looking back at a different person who needed help and I'm scared in case I go back there

Unicorn1981 Sat 30-Jul-16 13:46:27

Yes up to a month ago I could. I've now moved house and it's starting up again. I'm terrified.

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