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14yo DS Health anxiety

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Happyinthehazeofadrunkenhour Thu 28-Jul-16 22:25:22

Hoping for some advice re my 14 year ols ds. He's a bit of a worrier bless him but I've noticed it getting a more intense. The anxiety has been mild but on and off for a couple of years, started off when he was a bit under the weather and felt faint, this feeling really scared him and sent him spiralling into panic mode for a few weeks worrying that he could faint at any moment. Headaches suddenly started due to his anxiety but he would be convincing himself it was something more sinister and looking to google for answers on his ipad in the middle of the night stressing himself out even more. This would go on in the same vein for some time, even panicking about the Ebola outbreak at the time. Took him to dr who re assured him (as I have constantly) that all was fine but he did refer him for child CBT. By the time the appointment came a few months later, he felt right as rain again so we cancelled the appointment. With hindsight we should have stuck to it but I really thought he was through his worrying stage. Now, sadly my FIL was very recently diagnosed with a terminal illness and is going downhill very fast, needless to say this has fuelled my ds's anxiety no end. Apart from the constant re assurance that he is fine what else can I do to help him? I will make a GP app. Has anyone been through anything similar with their dc's. Many thanks for taking the time to read through my post.

Happyinthehazeofadrunkenhour Fri 29-Jul-16 09:58:13


OhWhatAPalaver Fri 29-Jul-16 10:51:22

No real advice other than get him to CBT asap. I was exactly the same at his age, I used to faint a fair bit at school and would worry a lot about it. It has continued all through my life and I'm only just recently taking steps to address the problem.
I do actually have a couple of health issues which make things worse but the main thing at that age is to nip it in the bud before it gets out of hand.
Good luck, hope he gets sorted soon and doesn't end up an anxious 32 year old like me!

Happyinthehazeofadrunkenhour Fri 29-Jul-16 11:05:43

Thankyou so much. That makes a lot of sense. Wishing you good luck also.

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