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Citalopram and weight gain - is there a link?

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SmileAndNod Tue 26-Jul-16 20:36:11

Now I have to say I'm of a peri menopausal age (43) and I drink more than I should. But over the last year, whilst I've been on the ADs the has crept on. This time last year I was a comfy 10/12, this summer I've had to buy on a credit card new clothes as literally nothing fits.

I feel fat and frumpy and freaky. I look like shit. And my head is shit too. I thought I was starting to feel better more positive after an horrendous experience last year.

I still have too much going on to come off them I feel. But I'm wondering if they're making me feel worse? I feel all muddled and stressed

Bottomchops Tue 26-Jul-16 20:45:59

I googled this to death but it just seems that everyone is different. The gp said it didn't. However, it completely slowed me down to a zombie like fog and I couldn't actually get myself together to do anything. I was so tired and dragging myself round. It was so hard to even get out of bed, and not in a depressed way, just an exhausted way. I could see how being like that would make someone put on weight, but not sure about it being inherently the pill iyswim.

feathermucker Wed 27-Jul-16 06:02:18

Mine gave me a massive appetite and I've gained a lot of weight since originally being on them.

But, they keep me on the level....mostly.

feathermucker Wed 27-Jul-16 06:03:01

Mine gave me a massive appetite and I've gained a lot of weight since originally being on them.

But, they keep me on the level....mostly.

Puffykins Wed 27-Jul-16 06:15:09

I definitely put on weight on Citalopram. Mainly because they left me exhausted and I just didn't care about myself enough to bother eating healthily. I have lost two stone (and trained for and run the London marathon) since coming off it.

SmileAndNod Wed 27-Jul-16 11:05:18

Good for you puffykins. I would love to lose two stone (don't own scales but I'm sure I've put on at least that).

I'm always exhausted, just life and running about, and so I eat more carby things than I should.

The medication has taken me over a year to feel better, it didn't really do anything for 6 months until the dose was upped to 40mg.
I almost darent stop taking it for fear of sliding back as my DGM is now quite seriously ill and the worry over her is getting too much me. But I feel and look like crap and that's making me unhappy too <shallow>

Sorry for waffling. So the weight gain may be a reversible thing?

Puffykins Wed 27-Jul-16 16:37:19

Yes I'd say it's reversible - definitely. I so understand what you mean though. I'm so sorry about your mother. Citalopram helped me a through a stage when I felt overwhelmed and out of control - my children were small, I was working etc. and it's not shallow to mind about the weight - I did, terribly. Be kind to yourself, if you can, and remember being kind to yourself sometimes means saying no to others and definitely means making time for yourself when you can. I now try to view self-maintenance - whether that's getting my highlights touched up, getting a monthly pedicure or going for a run - as essential to my sanity, and for me it is, because the end result is that I feel more together if my toenails are varnished, and thus act more together, and thus am more together. And running/ exercise helps me quell rising panic and reorder my thoughts. Good luck. And flowersflowers.

Puffykins Wed 27-Jul-16 16:38:42

Sorry- I mean your grandmother, not your mother.

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